Favorite Matches

Drinking and drafting can be a disaster, but Marlon Egolf seems to be able to pull it off. This is one of the funnier drafts I have seen

Click for video

if you dont have time to watch the whole thing just watch the last game

MSS: Star City Draft Open in Indy. Game 1 is an epic half-hour slugfest bomb vs bomb. Check it out

Josh Tabak vs Sam Stoddard

SOM: Epic Battle in R1G1 Between Tom Martell and Brad Nelson. You can watch both sides of the match

Brad Nelson vs Tom Martell

SOM: Gerrard (Fabiono Im guessing) vs LSV

Click for video

SOM: Conley Woods. Sometimes Furnace Celebration gets there

Click for video

SOM: The whole draft was pretty interesting but two games stood out. LSV Pilots Uw deck with Grand Architect and Sunblast Angel.




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